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TOM DANKS 3pk Pre-Rolls from OG GARDENS [MO]

THC 11.97%

Tom Danks is a newer cultivar from OG Gardens, the result of crossing Bubba Kush x Jack the Ripper.  While similar to Ripped Bubba, which crosses the same strains, Tom Danks utilizes different phenotypes.  Ripped Bubba used Pre-98 Bubba and a different pheno of JTR.  Though Tom Danks is a pretty balanced hybrid, it does lean slightly toward the Indica side of its genetics.  The effects typically start with a head rush which eventually settles into a body buzz.  Large amounts could cause couch-lock, so novice users be aware, this might be a strain best reserved for nighttime use.

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children.