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Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Salem Oregon

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Black Friday Sale

1 gram distillate cartridge

$25 (tax included)

Naked Extracts
1 gram distillate cartridge

$23 (tax included)

1 gram distillate cartridge

$23 (tax included)

Shiva Blue
Brenda's Peanut Butter Cups

$8.50 (tax included)

White Label
1 gram BHO

$10 (tax included)

Black Friday Sale

  1. 1 gram pre-roll
    ** Limit 5 per customer **

    $1 (tax included)

  2. Eighths

    $5 and $10 (tax included)

  3. Ounces

    $40 and $60 (tax included)

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We’re OG Collective, a set of Marijuana Dispensaries in Salem, Oregon.

We proudly serve Recreational and Medical customers, and each of our dispensary locations have a great assortment of flower cultivated right here in our OG Gardens. We also carry pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, CBD products, OG gear, and more!