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Strawberry D. from Solo Farms

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Strawberry Daq

Quick Take - Lineage: Strawberry Cough x Jack the Ripper // ~70/30 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Leaning 70% sativa, Strawberry Daiquiri is an exceptional option for medical patients. The aroma is described as fresh strawberries with notes of cherry and chocolate with gassy, acidic undertones. Those who are prone to social anxieties choose Strawberry Daiquiri for its ability to provide relief without the common wave of paranoia among high THC strains. Uplifting and delightful, Strawberry Daiquiri is sure to please both the cannoisseur and novice palette alike.

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[For use only by adults aged 21 and over // It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle or machinery while under the influence of cannabis // Keep out of reach of children]

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