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Prūf Cultivar Meets OG Collective

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OG Collective is proud to announce we are now carrying 

Prūf Cultivar

Some of these strains will be at the stores and available to purchase this weekend, either March 22nd or 23rd. Here is a list of some of the strains to look forward to:


Prūf No. 8 - G Krush

Prūf Cultivar - G Krush // Lineage: Orange Krush x Grape KushLineage: Orange Krush x Grape Kush

Description: G Krush routinely comes in at nearly the highest overall levels of secondary metabolites of any Cultivar we produce, including more than 30% THC and a recent massive 54 mg/g of terpenes! Unlike many Afghani-inspired plants, it’s laden with a huge chemo-diversity beyond the “wild type” myrcene content you’d find in most “grape” plants. - Prūf's Website

Prūf No. 5 - Tangie Biscotti
Prūf Cultivar - Tangie Biscotti // Lineage: Tangie x GSC
Lineage: Tangie x GSC

Description: If you’ve loved this exclusive flower in the past, you may be in for a surprise. The nose would stop traffic. A crescendo of rare fruit, and funk. This is a signature cultivar. Think cookie dough, tangerine zest, and a heaping dose of lavender and a massive THC % to boost the rest of it’s rare chemistry. - Prūf's Website

Prūf No. 41 - Silverback Stiletto
Prūf Cultivar - Silverback Stiletto // Lineage: GG #4 x Stiletto
Lineage: GG #4 x Stiletto (Geno 7)

Description: This stunning plant is named after the rare mountain gorillas silverback. Flush with anthocyanin, this plant offers a much needed, moderate level of THC. Silverback Stiletto was selected from a fresh encounter between GG4 and Stiletto. It generally follows the glue aroma profile, but tends more complex with a complex terpene profile. - Prūf's Website

Prūf No. 15 - Key Lime Pie
Prūf Cultivar - Key Lime Pie // Lineage: Starfighter x Cherry Pie
Lineage: Starfighter x Cherry Pie

Description: One whiff of the cake dough, sweet and penetrating nose will seduce most skeptics into loving it. In addition to an overwhelming terpene profile and many hues of light to deep purple, we've seen some nice peaks of CBG. - Prūf's Website


Prūf - Mars Rover
Prūf Cultivar - Mars Rover // Lineage: Animal Cookies x Stiletto
Lineage: Animal Cookies x Stiletto

Description: Mars Rover is a sativa cross of Animal Cook!es and Stiletto. Its effects are described as a strong, buzzy cerebral rush. The terpene profile is rich in the energizing a-Pinene and Limonene, with the trippy Terpinolene as undertones.

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[For use only by adults aged 21 and over // It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle or machinery while under the influence of cannabis // Keep out of reach of children]
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