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Ice Wax/Bubble Hash Sale!

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Ice Wax/Bubble Hash has been around for quite a while and is an excellent concentrate.  This being an old-school technique, I've been somewhat surprised to see it isn't more common or that a decent amount of people weren't familiar with the techniques.  It's completely understandable though.  With concentrates and extracts varying from the likes of BHO, PHO, Butane/Propane blend extractions, Diamonds, Terp Sauce, Rosin, Live Resin, Distillate, etc, it can be a bit overwhelming and hard to remember every method.  Then there's keeping up with greatest and undervaluing an old but tried and true method that also happens to be solventless.   So, I've included a little more information about Ice Wax which can be found below.

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A-1 Ice Wax Sale!

Here is an excerpt from LeafScience:

"According to the Legion of Bloom, a California-based organic cannabis collective, bubble hash is a solventless extract of cannabis flowers. As it contains no residual solvents, it is quite pure.

Full melt bubble hash is an exceptionally high-grade bubble hash, sometimes called “ice wax,” which melts into a golden puddle when heated.

To make bubble hash, trichome-rich flower buds are typically frozen. They are soaked in ice water, agitated manually, and then filtered through “bubble bags”.

Bubble bags are plastic filtration bags with holes of increasingly smaller size. Freezing serves to separate the THC-rich trichomes from the flowers.

Several extractions, using bags with progressively finer mesh, help remove the ice water while retaining the desired trichomes and active compounds. The process filters out excess plant material, leaving behind the intact resin glands. The resulting product is then air-dried to remove residual water.

Bubble hash is relatively rare and expensive, according to cannabis expert Chris Boudreau. Boudreau owns several cannabis businesses, including one of the top distribution companies in San Diego, California.

“Until the market matures more, we probably won’t see it much,” he says. It seems to be most popular among older users. These folks are probably drawn to what they know. The extraction process is an “older-school method,” Boudreau notes"

Go pick up a gram for $12.00 after tax!

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