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Get 5 grams of $12 BHO for $50 WITH TAX

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Get 5 Grams of $12 BHO for $50 WITH TAX!!

Choose your 5 grams of $12 BHO ($10 before tax) and at checkout use Promo Code: BHO50

Qualifying BHO is ANY BHO that is priced at $10 (before tax) / $12 (after tax), including brands like Hood Oil, Sterling Gold, and our very own OG Processing (#OGProcessing).  This promo does NOT apply to any BHO priced above $10 (before tax) / $12 (after tax).  Once you have added your 5 grams of qualifying BHO, enter promo code at checkout BHO50 for the discount to be applied, or CLICK HERE to have the discount automatically applied at checkout.  Also, remember that 5 grams of BHO is the legal limit able to be purchased per customer per day, so you will not be able to purchase any other concentrate/extract until the following day.
If for some reason the discount doesn't apply, make sure all your BHO selections are $10 (before tax // $12 after tax).  If it still doesn't work, and your BHO selections DO qualify for this promotion, the discount will be applied upon payment.

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[For use only by adults aged 21 and over // It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle or machinery while under the influence of cannabis // Keep out of reach of children]

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