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Cinco de Mayo Sale!

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Cinco de Mayo Sale Details

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we are having a 3 day sale: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

The select premium flower includes two strains from Prūf Cultivar, G Krush and Tangie Biscotti, one from Herbal Ally, Lucky, and one from our OG Gardens, Plushberry #2.  The G Krush, Lucky, and Tangie Biscotti will be (including tax) $6 per gram and $19.20 per 1/8.  We'll also be offering these three strains as discounted ounces: the G Krush and Lucky will be (including tax) $72 per ounce and the Tangie Biscotti will be (including tax) $90.  Note: Instead of a single bulk ounce, you'll receive eight 1/8's discounted to the appropriate price. The Plushberry #2 will be (including tax) $2 per gram and $6 per 1/8.

The G Krush and Tangie Biscotti from Prūf Cultivar is an excellent chance to try some truly top shelf flower at an affordable price.  Don't pass up this opportunity!

NOTE: All prices should be adjusted to reflect the percentage off by Friday when we open (7:00 am).  If, for some reason, an item isn't set at the discounted price when it should, the discount will be applied upon payment.

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Cinco de Mayo Marijuana Dispensary og collective Sale

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